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About us

Vision Industries was founded in 2021 by two large Saudi conglomerates, Abunayyan Holding and Al Muhaidib Group, with an aim to build a regionally competitive manufacturing and supply chain platform capitalizing on the expansion of renewables market and increasing local content requirements in Saudi Arabia and the Middle

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Our Advantages

Vision Industries is supported by the leadership and resources of its shareholders, two of Saudi Arabia’s most successful business conglomerates (Abunayyan Holding and Al Muhaidib Group) with decades of experience in diverse sectors. This strong foundation provides local market knowledge, experienced management, and access to capital to realize our ambitions.

As the national industrial champion, we will be the driving force in realizing the Kingdom's vision of localizing at least 75% of the renewable energy sector by 2030. With pioneering investments and strategic initiatives across renewable energy value chains, we will make transformative contributions to building a globally competitive localized industry in Saudi Arabia.

Our markets: Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of a remarkable transformation, aiming to diversify its energy sources and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. It offers vast opportunities for international renewable companies and investors that are committed to localization.

Vision Industries is committed to aligning with the strategic objectives of Vision 2030 and has built strategic relationships to relevant stakeholders as we work to realize our localization ambitions.

We recognize the leadership of the Chinese economy in renewables and the strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and China. We are committed to advancing this partnership and have a dedicated presence and team in China.