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Our Advantages

Backed by leading Group businesses

Vision Industries is supported by the leadership and resources of its shareholders, two of Saudi Arabia’s most successful group business conglomerates (Abunayyan Holding and Al Muhaidib Group) with decades of experience in diverse sectors. This strong foundation provides local market knowledge, experienced management, and access to capital to realize our ambitions.

Partnership Ecosystem

Our company is well-positioned at the center of a robust ecosystem fostering Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy and industrial transition. Close partnerships have been established with stakeholders, strategic global players and other organizations supporting localization. Vision Industries work to leveraging this collaborative network to accelerate progress, overcome hurdles and cultivate new opportunities. The combination of a supportive ecosystem and collaborative approach ensures the company is strongly enabled to pioneering manufacturing and technology ventures at massive scale.

Access to Capital (Equity and Debt)

  • Backed by 2 leading Saudi Group conglomerates
  • Access to local attractive debt financing through SIDF and other local financial institutions

Part of global renewable ecosystem

  • Diverse ecosystem linked to renewables and manufacturing
  • International reach beyond MENA

Dedicated presence and team in China

  • China is a priority source market for us
  • Committed to striking win-win partnerships

Extensive JV Execution Capabilities

  • Strong team with decades of global deal execution experience.
  • Hands-on experience in ramping up JVs in KSA and making these successful

Our Commitment to Localization

As the national industrial champion, we will be the driving force in realizing the Kingdom’s vision of localizing at least 75% of the renewable energy sector by 2030. With pioneering investments and strategic initiatives across renewable energy value chains, we will make transformative contributions to building a globally competitive localized industry in Saudi Arabia.

  • Step-wise incremental targets set for each project and facility ramp-up
  • Early focus on developing capability for fabrication, assembly and basic manufacturing
  • Gradually move up technology and skills curve in tandem with investment and capacity building
  • Joint ventures structure will facilitate know-how and technology transfer from international partners
  • Adapt global best practices while securing local manufacturing commitments
  • Prime focus on workforce training, certification and Saudization at all project stages
  • Collaborate with universities and training institutes on tailored programs
  • Offer on-the-job training and mentorship to develop experienced technicians and engineers
  • Provide capabilities development support to integrate micro, small and medium suppliers
  • Nurture ancillary domestic industries like construction, logistics etc
  • Engage actively with regulators to develop holistic local content frameworks
  • Input into incentive structures & strategies to abract investment in local manufacturing and R&D

KSA Market

Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of a remarkable transformation, aiming to diversify its energy sources and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. It offers vast opportunities for international renewable companies and investors that are committed to localization.

Industrial investors can capitalize on the following key characteristics of the local market and use it as a springboard for regional expansion:

  • Saudi Arabia has set a target for renewables to make up 50% of its energy mix by 2030, with the remaining 50% coming from natural gas. This balanced energy mix will support the country’s sustainability goals
  • To achieve 50% renewable energy, Saudi Arabia aims to add 20 GW per year, reaching 130 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2030

  • Saudi Arabia is strategically positioned to capitalize on the global energy transition and drive the renewable future. With abundant solar and wind resources, the Kingdom has immense potential for renewable power generation. Recent investments in EVs, like Lucid Motors, and the Saudi Green Initiative demonstrate Saudi’s commitment to leading the way
  • Additionally, Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy capacity can enable green hydrogen production for domestic transport and industries as well as international export. Developing energy storage solutions will also be crucial to support renewable growth and grid stabilization
  • By pursuing emerging opportunities in solar, wind, green hydrogen and storage, Saudi Arabia aims to be at the forefront of innovations in renewable technology. With strong government backing, sustained investments, and public-private partnerships, the Kingdom will unlock the full economic and environmental benefits of its renewable resources

Targeting Exports to Internatonal Markets

With its strategic location connecting Africa, Asia and Europe, Saudi Arabia is strengthening its position as a regional and global renewable energy leader. The Kingdom is investing over $100 billion to enhance its national grid and interconnect with neighboring countries like Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. By building advanced grid infrastructure and hydrogen capabilities, Saudi Arabia aims to export up to 150 GW of green electricity or hydrogen internationally.


Leveraging its geography at the crossroads of three continents, Saudi Arabia plans to become a major renewable energy hub. The Kingdom will have the capacity to deliver renewable power across continents through transcontinental, interconnected grids. By forging partnerships to establish international renewable energy networks, Saudi Arabia will be at the heart of global efforts to share clean energy worldwide.


With strong government support, sustained investments in infrastructure and innovative technologies like green hydrogen, Saudi Arabia is positioning itself as a leading global provider of renewable energy. The Kingdom aims to export its ample solar and wind resources to foreign markets, supporting the transition to clean energy in the region and around the world.

Core to what we do: Stakeholder Cooperation and Alignment

As the national champion and lead contributor to renewable energy localization, Vision Industries is fully committed to aligning with the strategic priorities of our valued government partners.


Central to our mandate is developing a robust, globally competitive local supply chain that will be the backbone of renewable energy self-sufficiency and exports. By transferring vital knowledge and technologies and building Saudi capabilities, we will realize the ambitious localization targets set forth in Vision 2030.


Our goals are synchronized with the directives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Investment and other national stakeholders to create a sustainable renewable ecosystem anchored in local content. As a dedicated strategic partner, we work hand-in-hand with the PIF, the Local Content Authority, Saudi Industrial Development Fund and all relevant entities.


Vision Industries actively engages with government bodies, regulators, industrial zones, Modon and other organizations across the sector. We lead the cooperative effort to deliver on renewable energy localization for our nation. Guided by our government’s wise directives, and in collaboration with our committed partners, Vision Industries is honored to spearhead Saudi Arabia’s journey to renewable energy leadership.

Strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and China

We recognize the leadership of the Chinese economy in renewables and the strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and China. We are committed to advancing this partnership and have a dedicated presence and team in China.