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Energy Storage

Battery cell and pack production is prioritized to address the fast-growing need for storage. Battery giga factories will involve technology transfers while partnering with global leaders. We will work with our ecosystem and partners to expand energy storage applications in Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Renewables

At Vision Industries, we see energy storage as pivotal to maximizing renewables whilst ensuring constant, reliable power. As intermittent resources like solar and wind proliferate globally, versatile batteries and other storage solutions are increasingly mission-critical.
With Saudi Arabia’s ambitions in renewable energy deployment, our goal is to localize complete energy storage value chains through world-class, integrated manufacturing facilities. Joint R&D will continuously improve designs optimized for the Kingdom’s weather conditions and grid requirements.
We are invested in establishing multiple giga-watt hour factories to produce battery cells and modules over the next decade. Advanced processes will involve strategic partnerships and continuous knowledge transfer. Co-located facilities will fabricate full energy storage systems, from cells to packs to large scale energy storage solutions.

By 2030, our vision is for localized production capacities to be competitive with international hubs for giga factories – empowering dispatchable solar parks, balancing wind power and future-proofing critical infrastructure.
Beyond manufacturing, we aim to stimulate energy storage adoption across industries through innovative project developments, like responsive facilities and load balancing solutions.

Our alliances-focused approach aims to stimulate the storage economy through supplier development, vocational programs and incentives. Our collective goal – to maximize renewables’ value through dependable, localized energy storage nationwide.

The energy revolution’s future depends on it, and we welcome your partnership in this strategic endeavour.